Current Vacancies
Ref. No Job Title Job Location Experience
SD-16-185 Equipment Operator.Desert Operations - Khasab Desert Stations 4 years of relevant work experience
SD-16-122 Agent - Customer Services.Salalah - Ground Operations Muscat International Airport No experience
AL-16-091 Officer - Holidays Sales Systems.Holidays Section Muscat, Oman ,
SD-16-188 Supervisor - Catering Customer.Catering - Operations MCT see above
SD-16-181 Officer ? Airport Services Base station with 2 years of relevant experience /OR Two years college Diploma in a related discipline with 6 years of relevant experience
IA-16-006 Senior Audit - Admin.AudIT - Administration-Omani MUSCAT as mentioned
SD-16-075 Supervisor - Baggage Handling Services.Ramp MCT As mentioned above
SD-16-095 Officer - Baggage Handling.Ramp MCT As mentioned above
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