Current Vacancies
Ref. No Job Title Job Location Experience
QA-17-005 Senior Manager - Quality Assurance Engineering.Quality Assurance Engineering - Admin Muscat, Sultanate of Oman as per the Qualification etails
OP-17-105 Crew Planner MCT As mentioned above
GH-17-57 Agent - Customer Service (OMAN AVIATION HANDLING COMPANY) *For Omani only* Muscat inernational Airport As mentioned above
AL-17-009/2 Senior Instructor - Management.Trng Faculty and E-Learning MCT as mentioned above
OP-17-102 Supervisor - Customer Service.Manchester - CS UK, Manchester As mentioned above
IA-17-006 Senior Internal Auditor.AudIT - Internal Audit Muscat As mentioned above
AL-17-087 Commercial Management Trainees.Sales Admin Muscat, Oman ,
EN-17-045 Lead Technician - Aircraft Maintenance.Base Maintenance Section Engineering Building ? Muscat Airport As mentioned above
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