Current Vacancies
Ref. No Job Title Job Location Experience
EN-14-049 Senior Practical Training & OJT Instructor.Technical Training Muscat Must have a minimum of 7 years of Aviation experience and at least 5 years of teaching experience along with 3 years of experience as a Practical Assessor on modern jet aircraft.
EN-14-048 Coordinator - Material.Prod Planning and Control Section Muscat 4 years of technical storekeeping experience in airline engineering / large scale automotive industry
SD-14-222 Manager Food Production Muscat 15 years experience in a progressive career in Kitchen Management ? minimum 5 years in Managerial post and should have knowledge and experiences as an Executive Chef
SD-14-215 Manager Inflight Catering Muscat 12 years experience in managerial level, with minimum 5 years experience in Inflight Catering Operations knowledge of hygiene, aircraft loading techniques, airline bond stores, accounting, dealing with IATA contracts, ISO and administration.
SD-14-217 Senior Manager Cabin Crew Operations Muscat Minimum 15 years experience in the aviation industry, particularly in Inflight Service and Flight Operations.
CA-14-006 Administrator - Graphic Design - Head Office - Muscat - Without Experience
EN-14- 046 Senior Engineer - Structures and Interiors - Engineering Building ? Muscat Airport - 5 years in airline engineering division & aircraft experience.
FO-14-036 Executive Secretary (Omanis Only) Muscat 5 years as secretary at executive level
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