Seat Selection

Seat Selection

Starting 6th November 2018, all seats in Economy on our lowest fare brands will carry a charge if reserved prior to Online Check-in. Standard seats will be made available free of charge via Online Check-in which is now open 48 hours prior to departure for all flights. Extra Legroom & Choice seats will remain chargeable with seat prices starting from OMR 1 or $3.

  • Choice –These seats are located in the rows 8 -15, depending on the aircraft, following the first row of seats in the Economy cabin along with certain additional seats on our A330 flights. These seats are perfect for guests who require speedy boarding and disembarking or couples looking to travel together.
  • Standard seats – These refer to all other available seats in Economy and not denoted as Choice, Twin or Extra Legroom.
  • Extra Legroom seats, located by the exit and front row in Economy cabin, can be reserved at a charge at any point.

A certain number of seats facing bassinets are removed from pre-selection. Guest travelling with infants are requested to contact their local Oman Air Ticket Office or Oman Air Call Centre to reserve their seats and bassinet.


To select and book your preferred seat, visit the Oman Air website and select your seat at the time of booking or click on ‘Manage Your Booking’ or select your seat via Online Check In.

Seat Type Ticket Sale Online Check-In Airport Check-In
Hot Deal & Economy Light
Extra Legroom Paid Paid Paid
Choice Seats Paid Paid Free
Standard Paid Free Free
Economy Classic
Extra Legroom Paid Paid Paid
Choice Seats Paid Paid Free
Standard Free Free Free
Economy Flex
Extra Legroom Paid Paid Paid
Choice Seats Free Free Free
Standard Free Free Free

Sindbad Gold members will enjoy seat selection absolutely free when purchasing Economy Lite, Economy and Economy Prime fares.

Seat Type Standard Choice Extra Legroom
Gold Free Free Paid
Gold Accompanying Free Free Paid
Silver Paid Paid Paid
Silver Accompanying Paid Paid Paid
Blue Paid Paid Paid
Blue Accompanying Paid Paid Paid

Seat selection

  • All paid seating is subject to availability at time of request. Paid seating is available on all Oman Air operated flights. Paid seating is not available on flights operated by codeshare partners. That is to say, seat selection is not allowed yet in flights operated by Oman Air and marketed by another airline.
  • All un-ticketed passengers are not eligible to choose seats in advance.
  • Chargeable seats can be purchased until 1 hours prior to the flight.
  • Seat cannot be transferred to any other passengers in a booking
  • Oman Air endeavours to seat guests in their selected seat. On occasions it may not be possible to sit guests in their selected seats and in such cases Oman Air will endeavour to re-accommodate guests to a similar seat to their selected seat.

Emergency row seats

  • Emergency row seats are located either next to or just behind the emergency exit door.
  • In the unlikely event of an evacuation emergency row seat traveller is expected to assist in the opening of the emergency exit door. For this reason, the passenger must be an able bodied person (16 years and over) in full fitness and able to understand printed or verbal instructions given in English. The passenger must be willing, as well as able, to assist in the case of an emergency evacuation. When requesting emergency row seats passengers will be asked to verify their eligibility.
  • Oman Air has the sole discretion to determine whether a passenger meets the requirements to sit in an emergency row seat. If passengers do not meet the requirements, they will be assigned an alternative seat. The additional amount paid for an emergency row seat will be forfeited and will not be refunded.
  • Passengers traveling with infants are not allowed to emergency row seats.
  • Patients whose mobility partially or totally restricted are not allowed to emergency row seats.
  • Overweight passengers who demand second seat belt, are not allowed to emergency row seats.


  • All purchases are non-refundable
  • Passengers, who change, cancel, upgrade or downgrade, are not eligible to apply for a refund for their seating payment
  • Guests who do not received their paid seat as a result of an involuntarily change are eligible to apply for paid seating extra charge refund.

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